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Meet Anita

"I have been a “seer” in many lifetimes. My most memorable is in the southwest area of the USA. I am very aware that part of my life purpose is to assist people to get clarity and move towards being the most complete and vital human being they can be".

Anita Louise Lawrence


My Journey

From a very young age, I was very intuitive. I could see and feel things that none of the other kids around me could see. I felt I couldn't talk to my parents about my abilities, so I shoved my gifts aside, not understanding for years why I was so different.

It wasn't until much later in life that I found

out that my mother's aunt was intuitive,

and my uncle, of all things, read tea-leaves.


I have always known I wanted to help people to be well. So, just out of high school at the age of 17, I found myself drawn to the health care industry. I trained in medical radiography and became a front line patient care technologist in medical imaging.


I later achieved status as a Medical Imaging Director in two major hospitals in Vancouver, Burnaby General Hospital, and Shaughnessy Hospital.

Throughout my time in the hospitals, I kept noticing that with a common condition, some patients thrived with treatment, while others did not. And this discrepancy intrigued me. I wanted to know WHY!

  It was a natural choice for me to delve into the
  the WHY and look at WELL CARE rather than
  SICK care.

Let's just say, the universe had a way of moving things out of my way in order to pursue my curiosity at a faster pace. Major government downsizing began through the hospitals.
After 25 years working in labs and hospitals, I left my medically-based career to go work for the Heart & Stroke Foundation, where I worked as a consultant and helped create a major seminar, targeting quit smoking and smoking cessation for youth.
After work in the evenings, I took night school and began my holistic health training in energy medicine.

X-Ray Results

Today, my belief system is that our bodies become a metaphor for what we think and feel, and that “stuck” thoughts, beliefs, or energy can make our bodies and mind unsettled and uncomfortable. 

In order to heal, I believe it is necessary to bridge and connect our emotional, physical,

and spiritual bodies ... mind-body-spirit healing, or 3D healing, as it is sometimes called.


This strong belief guided me to study many types of body energy work, in the fields of psychology, counseling, clinical hypnotherapy, and quantum energy healing. After my years of training, I opened my healing practice.

To complement my work, I was able to blossom in my mediumship gift, which I have had since my youth after training at the Author Findlay, Spiritualist College of Mediumship in Stanstead, United Kingdom.


I also incorporate my (clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience) skills, which often help my clients gain insight and clarity, not available to them by "normal" means, in order to help move them past physical, emotional, and mental, or spiritual blocks.

Education and Certifications


  • Certified Clinical Counsellor

        Vancouver Community College 


  • Master Clinical Hypnotherapist​ & Past Life Therapist 

  • Vice President of CHA (Website)

  • Past Life Therapist 

        Trained Under Diana B. Cherry

       Canadian Hypnotherapy Association

        Achieved GOLD Standard 1950 hrs.

  • Psychic / Medium

        Mediumship Intensive

        Author Finlay Spiritualist College,

        Essex, United Kingdom

        Trained Under  Eileen Davis and

        James Hyndman

  • Psychology Studies 

        Kwantlen College, Surrey, B.C.

  • EFT Practitioner 

  • Quantum Energy Practitioner


  • Therapeutic Touch Practitioner

  • Trained Light Therapist​​

  • Color and Sound Therapy (I use my crystal bowls)

  • Educator/Speaker

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The Meaning Of My Name

Anita Louise Lawrence

I found it fascinating when I had my name numerology calculated by Feng Shui Stylist, and Life Blueprint numerologist, Kim Louise Easterbrook.
Anita Louise Lawrence adds up to a 9 Destiny. My vowels add up to a 9 Soul, and my consonants add up to a 9 Personality. (999) 
In numerology, the 9's are very old and wise souls. Many are psychologists, psychics, mediums, and great healers of our world. The 9 is also the ultimate number of beauty and refined art. (Did I mention I make Indigenous art pieces like drums and talking sticks. I am also an oil painter.) See MY ART.
She also mentioned that 9's are also compassionate, loving, giving, and humanitarians, who love children and animals. This all made a lot of sense to me.

Kim also shared that my full birthdate adds up to the, 7. The number, 7, represents the higher mind thinker. The, 7's, are usually, teachers, professors, spiritual teachers, archeologists, and great philosophers of life. The, 7's, are known to bring in much ancient knowledge from many lifetimes of remembering.

Also in Feng Shui, we all come in with an energy archetype number. My archetype number is number 7, 'The Advisor.' 

In summary, as you can see, I am exactly in alignment with my numbers as the healer, advisor, and teacher. I feel very blessed to be on this journey to be able to serve you on your personal healing journey, whatever you are experiencing, at this moment in time.

Image by Nick Morrison

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